Sunday, September 27, 2009

Comics Review: Alan Moore & Bill Sienkiewicz, Big Numbers 3

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Padraig O Mealoid said...

"Someone who possessed a full set of Sienkiewicz’s pages for the issue lettered them using Moore’s online script as a guide."

I've been seeing versions of this statement since I posted the pages, first as speculation, then later as established fact. I don't think that it's necessarily true: it looks to me as if the pages were lettered in the same style as previous issues. Also, there is no "Moore’s online script" for BN #3, that I'm aware of, and I do keep a close eye on these things! There are notes about it, certainly, from a conversation someone had with him about it, and there's 50 pages of script on 4ColorHeroes, but that only goes up to page 8! My own opinion is that they are genuinely lettered pages.

R. S. Martin said...

Thanks for writing.

Speculations do take a life of their own. The assumption that the pages were lettered independently of Sienkiewicz probably has its roots in that the ten pages that had been published were not lettered. Kevin Eastman provided the images of the ones that appeared with his Comics Journal interview, and my guess is that those were the final versions of those pages in Tundra's files.

Of course, one could always ask Sienkiewicz, Moore, Paul Jenkins (the book's editor at Tundra), or Eastman if they know the circumstances under which these pages were lettered. I gather you have some contact with Moore. Have you posed the question to him?

I've added a note at the relevant point directing readers to the comments.