Sunday, March 22, 2009

Comics Review: José Muñoz & Carlos Sampayo, The Joe's Bar Stories

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Anonymous said...

The Muñoz & Sampayo short that's always lingered the longest with me is the one set in the American south in RAW Volume 2 No. 1 - there's a hallucinatory effect to Munoz's art that really compliments the subject matter of the story.

Anonymous said...

Actually, make that No. 3 - "North Americans", it's entitled.

R. S. Martin said...

I'll be posting a piece on the Alack Sinner stories in English sometime in the next few weeks. The story you mention will be among those discussed.

Brian Hagen said...

Beautiful to see anything published in English on Muñoz & Sampayo. Even my Argentinian friends don't know them, though a book called "La Argentina en Pedazos" has a Muñoz adaption of a Roberto Arlt story.

Good to discover your blog (thanks to the Comics Journal Message Board.

vollsticks said...

Just bought the Titan edition of Joe's Bar for £2:50!!!!!
A great piece Mr. Martin. Where have I seen your byline before, TCJ? Anyway, great part about Miller's wholesale rip-off of Munoz--unfortunately he just doesn't have the rock-solid fundamentals of figurative drawing and composition that Munoz does and reduced his beautiful expressionism to a mere "style"...with very little substance.
Always intrigues me, every time I look at the work, which tools does he use? Which paper? Which ink does he utilise in order to get that savagely sensual bleed on his lines? No other cartoonist makes marks like Munoz...the oxymoronic beautiful ugliness of his characters...for me he's better than Tardi....
I also think it's interesting to note that his influence spread far East to the guy who did Tekkonkinkreet (Name escapes me at the moment)....genius is bandied around far too much but Munoz may just be one...
Caveat: bought all the Fanta Sinner comics from Gosh but I wasn't QUITE as lucky with the price there...!
Thanks again for a great piece on a criminally under-discussed artist. Bravo!

jose munoz said...

Buenos dìas
well, thanks a lot to Robert Martin, to Travis, to Brian and to Vollsticks, I'm the criminal under-discussed artist-worker, I'm deeeply touched by you attention & interest.
Reality is the master of my drawings, real reality and the internal landscapes of our souls and the artistic works that other people's souls send to us. Then the pleasure of touching life, as they have done.
good luck to you lot,
muchas gracias.
José Munoz