Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TV Review: The Blacklist: "The Alchemist"

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Mary Susanne Patterson said...

was disappointed in last night's episode. There's got to be a better actress choice for Lizzy's role. Megan Boone is flat! And with each passing episode I am more convinced that Lizzy is a total moron. It makes no sense Red is connected to someone so shallow. Red has done everything to keep her safe...including trading his life for hers. Red can be a monster but when it comes to Lizzy, he has never let her down. Seems she should be more trusting of that fact by now. He has repeatedly advised her to be careful of her husband. Given the facts, why is she still holding on to this guy? Why does she care? The drama surrounding Tom needs to be resolved. Dragging it out is making me dislike Lizzy's character. Frankly...I'm getting bored. They need to offer some kind of resolution to some of these mysteries instead of dragging it out and adding more mysteries to not yet resolved previous mysteries. Note to writers...Shape up or you'll lose the interest of your fan base. We love The Blacklist but the show can't thrive on Spader's genius alone. It's time to hire an acting coach for dear Megan Boone and pick up the pace of the spoon feeding!