Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Review: Lincoln

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Matt said...

First, most people don't have the basic history under their belt.
Second, Day Lewis plays the character remote, however it's the best more real Lincoln I've seen on screen. Third, the aesthetics is more sophisticated than you think. The cinematography and editing in particular are top notch they just aren't showy - this isn't Tarantino. Fourth, okay, I give up. I thought this a terrfic movie on all levels. The script is terrific. I have to ask, did you see the movie in the movie theatre or did you watch it at home? I watched it on a large screen the week it opened and fond it one of the best movies of last year. And I'm not a Spielberg fan. But I am a fan of American History. Oh well.

Robert Stanley Martin said...

First, people who are going to respond to an award-bait marketing campaign tend to be decently educated. They certainly can be expected to know that slavery ended via constitutional amendment, the Civil War ended in 1865, and Lincoln was killed shortly thereafter.

Second, it should be clear from the review that I thought Day-Lewis did a quite professional job. As a rule, though, I tend to be rather cold to performances that ask me to admire the actor rather than engage with the character.

Three, Spielberg is a highly polished filmmaker even at his worst. I just found his efforts here rather pedestrian. I wasn't faulting him for stinting on flash. He just doesn't handle chamber drama with much elan.

Four, I saw it at home. I don't see movies in theaters anymore because my ears can't take the sound levels. I'm glad you enjoyed it more than I did. People can disagree without being wrong.