Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comics Review: Chris Claremont & Frank Miller, Wolverine

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Anonymous said...

I used to read this when I was a kid and I really loved it! A very good classic. I still have the comic book, but my cover is different from the image on your post. Is yours an older version? I've been trying to find out how much my comic is worth. The cover shows Wolverine in his full costume kneeling on both knees with the wrists from both arms (claws extended) facing the sky while looking straight ahead. All I know is the ISBN number is 1852833955 and when I Googled it, there was only one place selling it (doesn't have a cover image) for $9.11. I'm wondering if I should put it in plastic wrapping.

Robert Stanley Martin said...

I'm not much on comics as collectibles, and I don't know what edition you have. I don't think, though, that any of the book collections have much, if any, value on the collectors' market. The only thing that I imagine would have value to collectors would be the original serialization, which was published in the traditional comics pamphlet format.

The jacket image in the review is of the edition that Marvel currently has in print. My own copy is an earlier edition.

Most Popular Books on Blogger said...

Wolverine is my favorite figure, I love the combination of minding your own business & being a versatile fighter.