Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

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Tim Reynolds said...

Very perceptive review. My take on the film's faults is that the script is simply not sharp enough to support the scaffolding Anderson constructed. As far as the screenwriting is concerned, his reach is bigger than his grasp. With a good script, everything else would have fallen in place. As it stands, the ending he concocted is one of the flattest and most curious in recent movie history. Paul Dano's performance was another major problem. He was far too young and inexperienced for the role. Things were forced way too much. It would have been better to use someone with enough gravitas capable of holding their own against Lewis. Another thing is that Dano played the religious part at times too mockingly, to the point of being cartoonish. This approach is not original. It would have been better to play things straight and allow any comedy to bubble up naturally. Here's hoping that Anderson gets a real screenwriter for his future projects. Magnolia remains his best film, as imperfect as it was.