Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Publication Announcement: Frazetta in Perspective

My article, "Frazetta in Perspective," is now up over at the The Hooded Utilitarian. It's a fairly far-ranging discussion of the work of illustrator and cartoonist Frank Frazetta from all periods of his career. Click here to read.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Publication Announcement: Inchoate Thoughts on Asterios Polyp

Noah Berlatsky has been hosting a roundtable over at The Hooded Utilitarian on David Mazzucchelli's recent graphic novel Asterios Polyp. My own thoughts on the book were posted there last night. Click here to read.

I'm not especially satisfied with the piece--a proper review may be forthcoming here in the future--but it's not an entire waste. I do think I made some good points about the book that haven't appeared elsewhere. The contributions from the other writers--Noah, Caroline Small, Domingos Isabelinho, Von Marlowe, Craig Fischer, Derik Badman, Richard Cook--are quite good. And, as always with HU pieces, the comments are worthwhile reading.