Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Politics: On Michelle Obama

Why is Michelle Obama so controversial? The main thing that gets to me is the enormous chip she appears to have on her shoulder. She seems terribly resentful of what she sees as the privileged life other people–-read: wealthy white people–-have had. What’s so disgusting is that she’s led a pretty privileged life herself: Ivy League undergraduate and professional degrees, employment on executive boards, six-figure annual incomes independent of her husband, the ability to raise her kids in style, as well as membership in good standing in the intellectual, professional, and political elite of her hometown. We should all have it so bad. Life’s been damn good to her, and one wishes she’d appreciate it. Instead, she’s indignant she wasn’t raised in the environment she knows now, and to top it off, she’s embarrassed she didn’t have it worse, so she fibs about how poor her upbringing was. She’s a real piece of work, and almost as offensive a public figure as her husband.

This is a slightly revised version of a comment posted at Larry Johnson's blog, No Quarter, in response to Truthteller's post "POLL: Michelle Obama Is A Liability."