Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics: So Long to James Wolcott

I've always had a soft spot for James Wolcott. He was a significant protégé of Pauline Kael's and always a fun read. He even stood up for Hillary when the ugliness of the primaries got really foul. But crap like the posting below is a firing offense, particularly when the writer does not enable you to e-mail a complaint. Wolcott's now been dropped from my list of Politics & Media Links at left. I don't refer people to this sort of garbage.

(Click for a larger view.)

Another mainstay of my Internet reading has bitten the dust this year. I hope and pray this is the last one.


ex-pat said...

Thank you - I thought I was experiencing solitary insanity, I could not believe I was reading this from James Wolcott and I have devoured his columns for years (even the ballet ones) and admired him immensely.I thought breaking up with Tom Watson, Olbermann, Josh Marshall and Left Coaster was bad, but this is going to be AWFUL! Sacrilege I know, but Somerby's been a bit off for a couple of days - what IS going on?

Pol C said...


People are picking up the GOP's worst tendencies and demonizing their enemies. I understand the emotional appeal of it; the abuse I've thrown at Dubya over the years makes some of this pale by comparison. But there just comes a point when you move beyond it, particularly once you start writing about these people all the time. Writing for me is liking swimming in the deep end of a pool, and dwelling on that sort of angry invective just came to feel like immersing myself in sewage all the time. Maintaining one's cool just feels better after a certain point. One would think that someone like Wolcott, who's been writing for decades, would have progressed past this sort of garbage by now. What he wrote was nasty and juvenile--the written equivalent of snapping a girl's bra straps in middle school--and I've had enough of it from everyone these days.

I haven't stopped by the Howler yet this week, but Somerby can get overwrought at times. However, I don't recall him ever sinking to the level that Wolcott did here. You've got me worried.


Pol C

ex-pat said...

Cheers - I'll take your leaf. Taking the politics of personal destruction to the Republicans home turf, where they are masters of the game, when we are so horribly bad at it seems...well you know.

I've got a stack of unread books, I guess it's time to curl up until November.